Madrid DTF 36" Blue Steel

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L: 36"  W: 9.75"  WB: 26"


  • Maple Construction
  • Drop-Thru or Top-Mount Setup
  • Dropped Low-Rider Platform


  • Caliber II 10" 50° Trucks
  • Cadillac Wheels
  • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
  • Ultra-Clear Griptape

The DTF 36” features a drop-down concave with a spacious 9.75” wide platform providing a low and stable riding experience. This board is built for durability and performance at high speeds. Choose the top-mount for increased turning ability or the drop-thru for a steadier ride. The ‘Blue Steel’ graphic features a metallic Madrid logo with light blue racing stripes for an extra boost of speed and style.