Madrid Daniel Yeager 7.75"/8"/8.25"/8.5" M-Core

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Madrid Skateboards is proud to welcome Daniel Yeager to the pro ranks! Daniel's an Oklahoma to SoCal transplant with insane technical skills and a deep bag of tricks.

Available in 6-Ply M-Core Construction

M-Core is a high-density laminate that's thinner and stronger than maple. For our 6-Ply M-Core Construction we replace one of the maple cores with M-Core, resulting in a lighter board without sacrificing strength or pop. 

7.75" x 32" WB 14"

8" x 32" WB 14"

8.25" x 32.5" WB: 14"

8.5" x 32.5" WB: 15"

Graphic by @chrisovemery

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