Remember Fiesta Dingus 30"

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L: 30" W: 8.5" WB: 14.75"

The Fiesta Dingus is all about letting loose and getting wild!  Tons of fun in a tiny package just like the rest of the Dingus Series!  The Fiesta features top and bottom plies of caramelized bamboo to give it a classic look with a fun twist.  The top side features transparent spray-on grip which will keep your feet in place but won't destroy shoe soles.  Functional kicktails let you explore all dimensions and get over any obstacles in your way!

Premium Setup
LUXE 5.0" trucks, 1/4” LUXE risers, LUXE Built-In bearings, 78A Lil Hoot wheels, clear spray-on grip
Essentials Setup
LUXE 5.0” trucks, 1/4” LUXE risers, ABEC 7 bearings, CA Cruiser wheels, clear spray-on grip